When they retrieved me
they found nothingness
the mind consumed....
the body deteriated....
the heart.....
never too have been
Lying in silence, i weep,
finding the morning, no sleep,
Open the doors, the rain falls,
breaking silently, the walls.

the breath of my heart
fire from my soul
non the oxygen
all the agent
the agent of the people
all that has burned

open that is what it seems
closed it is
they cannot enter
thinking they do
Pain comes
falling in aphony

Rising i feel,
i have fallen,
nothing to grasp
it comes
the wretchedness-
the colours, all they seem bland
into the silence
i have lost it
never to be held
to be seen
out pours the soul

can they see?
how it seems?
rippling the sound
piercing the waves
the bank has fallen
to be rebuilt no-more

sorrow they want
striving in vain
their distress i feel not
longing i have

Trust in me she has,
her do i also,
longing to,
but not,
can she see?

as my eyes close
i feel....
the pain,
the cold,
the despair,
the hate,
opened no more,
the world deserves nothing,
raped we feel.

Night comes,
with it the thoughts,
longing not for the morn'.
Nearing the end,
waiting in the darkness,
all has come to be seen,
but the sight burns,
no more but that.

The night falls,
we gather,
I cannot see,
why do they feel?
all unknown,
the light comes,
I am burned.

it was all a dream
i wake and wonder what it means
then the realization of it hurts me

Damn thee world of fire,
Who took the one I desire,
you took her with her smile,
you took her and made her vile,
now you want to take me,
for what reason I do not see,
I need to go to get away,
where can I go to stay,
I need a place from here,
a place with my dear.

Pouring Rain
Flooding Waters
Deadly Drink
Poisoned Soul

These Demons I fear,
Living in me,
No silence comes,
Rage and torement,
Then the Death

Silence falls over the forest,
The rains begin,
acid falls ripping away my flesh,
i peel it from the ground,
try to place back on but,
it is gone... no way for it to return,
a new child is born,
from under the old,
burst the new,
the time comes to engineer them all,
the plan is to make them the same,
but this one will not become as they have planned

The Silent reapers have fallen,
in they come to take with them me,
Refusing to go i am Shattered,
Watching me bleed they laugh in the darkness,
Will there be no help? Can there be no end?

Listening i hear them come,
Run I run I fear them,
LET THEM DIE...... let me die.

The Dead men ascend the tower
with the night they fly
but in the ending silence
the Death angel flys
to take them away
their cries have come
no one can hear
again they die

When they open their eyes,
they see
The air they breathe
now coloured in orange
firey knights come the dragons slay them.
they belive they have good reason
yet, they do not.

My mind is in torment
My heart is in nothingness
My body is in numbness
all that has happened
yet i see nothing
when the time comes
it's over
nothing to be done with this
no control
i can try to change this but
no it will remain
the same as always

looking to the sky
hoping to be burned
never to see again
the beauty

The burning Cold
sets me alight
falling to see...

Engulfed by the flaming darkness
i am increasingly falling
the concern that has seen
me will soon be no more
such which existed?

in the shadows,
are the secretes,
of the lies,
lies bestowed upon us,
by the ones,
the ones which were here before,
we mustn't let them destroy us,
but see through these lies,
and become stronger in ourselves.

blindfolded are we,
we the ones,
our imaginations ripped,
taken from us as children,
crushed into their conformity.......

Moonlit snow-
dreary night,
run now-
a place to hide,
searching for a haven-
none to be found,
the light has come-
Death has come.

Joseph Cole 2002
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